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The Okhotsk Region of Hokkaido, Japan

The Okhotsk region, shown in purple, is a sub-prefecture of Hokkaido on the Sea of Okhotsk coast. Place names are as follows:
オホーツク Okhotsk 網走 Abashiri
北見 Kitami 知床 Shiretoko
紋別 Mombetsu 根室 Nemuro
稚内 Wakkanai 釧路 Kushiro
札幌 Sapporo 苫小牧 Tomakomai
Recent Topics
April 2019 The Birding Schedule for April 2019 - March 2020 is now up. Guests are of course welcome. For more information, see the Events page.
May 2020 To prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Hokkaido, the Birding Schedule for April 2020 to March 2021 has not yet been decided. Most birding events in Spring 2020 have been cancelled. Further details are scheduled to be announced in July 2020. The 2019 schedule above provides a guide to what the new schedule may include. We hope we can start our birding events again soon!
July 2020 Birding events are currently scheduled to restart in October, if safety for participants is possible by then. A calendar of events and any special rules for participation will be posted here when decided.

The Japanese Bush Warbler can be heard everywhere in the mountains from early spring when the landscape is still covered with snow. Occasionally they are also seen! (Mt. Mokoto, 4 May 2009; photo: DB)

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