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NHBS is a well-known merchant in the UK that specializes in "everything for wildlife, science, & environment". Their ornithology catalog alone has around 360 books.

NHBS ships to all parts of the world, and ordering is easy whether you live in Japan or elsewhere. More information about shipping is here at the NHBS website (opening in a separate window). Prices shown are in British Pounds (£1≈¥188 as of December 2014). The modest commission that Okhotskbirds.com receives from products you purchase through the site helps to support its continued existence. We thank you for your support.

For now, we invite you to browse NHBS' impressive catalog of ornithology books (click on the NHBS image at the right), and below are some titles that might be of particular interest to you. Prices shown are up-to-date. You can see more details of a book by clicking on the image.

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Below are my selections of books and other interesting items selected by NHBS staff as their personal favorites that appeared in 2014. Their comments are given next to each item.

"This book sounded interesting from the get-go with its bold claim that 'random change alone could not have produced life as we know it – the maths don't add up'. This remains a favourite go-to argument for creationists and others who reject evolution, usually by arguing something along the lines of 'evolution can't explain innovation of complex traits, therefore God'. Arrival of the Fittest promises a sound scientific explanation by which innovation in evolution happens, and will hopefully provide good counter-arguments to put this tired notion to rest." Leon - Catalogue Editor
"The hedgerows around Totnes were absolutely bulging with fruit this autumn giving the birds a feast. Surely such variety deserves its own field guide? Wild Fruit is a lovely book, beautifully produced, and introducing 220 species from across Britain and Europe with over 400 photographs to aid identification. It even includes recipes for homebrew treats like alder buckthorn tea and blackberry & elderberry wine." Katherine - Marketing
"Arguably far more cumbersome and infuriating to set up than a standard field camera, the TM1550-PS is still my favourite piece of equipment. Its infrared beam can react to a 0.05 second break (by far the fastest of any I've come across so far), allowing you to catch anything that quickly flies (or runs) by; and being able to use your own DSLR gives much more freedom to compose your shot. Certainly worth spending that little extra time setting up, as the results can be outstanding!" Jonathan - Content Editor
"2014 marks the centenary of the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon. Billions of these birds would blot out the sky for days during their migration, until there was just Martha... A stunning visual record of this almost unbelievable tale of decimation." Paul - Purchasing Assistant
"Undoubtedly one of the books of the year, H is for Hawk is a stunning memoir in which the author retreats from the sudden death of her father by absorbing herself in the training of a Goshawk named Mabel. It explores our fascination with raptors and the healing power of the natural world in beautiful prose and is a vivid tribute to the enigmatic Goshawk." Simone - Wildlife Equipment Specialist
"Britain's Habitats shows the great diversity of habitats in the British Isles. I was pleased to see the Exe Estuary in the book and whose intertidal zone I am intimately familiar with, especially at the RSPB's Bowling Green Marsh reserve." Nigel - Managing Director
"With a colourful and diverse collection of photos from around the world and stories of how the photos came to be, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Portfolio 24 is a great reminder of the beauty in the world. I like being able to see things from places I would never get to visit myself." Hannah - Accounts Administrator
"Bird Bingo is a great game to play with adults or children and is far more entertaining than original bingo. Players learn the names and colourings of the 64 beautifully illustrated bingo chips, featuring birds from around the world including Barn Owls, Emus and Blue Coua." Elle - Marketing

And some of their selections for 2013, a year ago, are still here, too.

"George Monbiot's writing never fails to challenge my opinions and lend new perspectives to the subjects that I feel most strongly about. Feral was certainly no exception. In effortlessly weaving personal stories with in depth scientific and environmental discoveries, he has produced a book which is both challenging and yet optimistic in its outlook. Feral provides us with vital insights into the way that we define wildness and, most importantly, into the ways that we manage (or perhaps "un-manage") our "natural" landscapes." by Luanne "A fascinating delve into the many extinctions that have occurred since the invention of the camera. The photographs (and the stories behind them) bring them back to life like never before - featuring the Passenger Pigeon, the Quagga and my own favourite, the wrongly accused Thylacine - who also graces the cover!" by Paul
"Full of humour, interesting characters and evocative narrative, this is an excellent piece of traveller's tale lit. However, The Old Ways is more than that. It asks us to consider the myriad of tracks, trails, paths, bridleways and sea roads to be more than just dots and dashes on the map. The Old Ways are connections - connections to our past. They tell us how we did things, who we did them with and why we did them. As heritage this should make our network of tracks and paths hugely important to us - heritage with utility, heritage that we can, should and do use in the present. Anyone that uses the old ways themselves should enjoy this book immensely." by Iain "The most forceful and cogent argument for a better understanding of science that I have ever read. This book lists the reasons why an understanding of scientific thinking is so important for the decision-makers within our society. In fact, this book should form a part of the school curriculum so everyone can have a better understanding of science, scientific thinking, and the scientific method." by Gav
"Hornbills of the World portays the colourful and intriguing Hornbill families, Bucorvidae and Bucerotidae, in a full-colour, glossy , and absorbing monograph/photographic guide, that fills a striking gap in the coverage of these fascinating birds. There is a substantial introduction to their evolution and behavioural ecology; and a postscript on threats and conservation. Produced in co-operation with the Hornbill Research Foundation in Thailand, and with proceeds going their way, this is well worth the cover price and a jaunty addition to the bird-lover's library." by Katherine "The BTO Bird Atlas 2007-11 represents the culmination of a monumental effort by 40,000 volunteers to survey the wintering and breeding distributions of birds in Britain and Ireland. I have been greatly enjoying poring over the beautiful maps and discovering stories such as the range expansion of Blue Tits into Ireland and the surprising increase of overwintering Blackcaps in Britain as well as the range contractions of farmland birds including the Corn Bunting. Fascinating and essential reading for any bird enthusiast as well as a vital piece of scientific research." by Simone