Guide to some birds of the Okhotsk region

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Blakiston's Fish-Owl   Ketupa blakistoni    Shima-fukurou

Blakiston's Fish-Owl is the largest owl in Japan and one of the representative birds of Hokkaido. We often hear stories from people who were driving at night and saw what they thought looked like a child in the road but, when it suddenly flew off, realized it was a Shima-fukurou. These owls were very common back in the days when Hokkaido was a frontier region of Japan. Elderly people related stories of being afraid of them when they were children.

These owls have dwindled sharply in numbers since those days, and now are in danger of extinction. We must not forget that we human beings have been the cause of their decline. One problem that is occurring now in some areas is people trying to get up close to them to photograph them or feed them, but this sort of behavior is in complete violation of wildlife viewing manners.




Hokkaido, 23 November 2001
(Photo: Midorin-san)