Guide to some birds of the Okhotsk region

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Eurasian Jay   Garrulus glandarius   Kakesu

The Eurasian Jay is about the size of a pigeon and has a hoarse call that sounds something like "Jah-jah". It breeds in mountain valleys during summer, and in winter it even appears in the streets of towns. The Eurasian Jay in Hokkaido is a subspecies known as the Miyama Kakesu (G. g. brandtii).


24 April 2001


White patches at the base of the secondaries are also clearly visible when the Eurasian Jay is at rest. The tail is very long. (Hokkaido, 24 April 2003)


In flight, the white portions of the rump and secondaries stand out. The blue, black, and white striped patterns are very attractive. (Hokkaido, 24 April 2003)